I’m an experienced writer in a variety of forms ranging from poetry to news articles, from fiction to opinion pieces. My articles have been published on VICE, het Parool and OneWorld among others, and usually touch on subjects like identity and social dilemma’s. Gender and sexuality oriented articles are my specialization. Going by the feminist maxim ‘The personal is political’, my personal experiences are often intertwined in my work.

For example, in December 2019 I scrutinized the public perception of victimhood in violent relationships, basing the argument on my own encounter with an abusive partner. I love articles that show you a glimpse of the author, as I love interviews that really do the interviewee justice. I was lucky enough to get to interview many talented and impressive people, such as author Amelia Abraham and rapper Leafs Sensei.

‘Laat mij slachtoffer zijn zonder schaamte of bewijsplicht’ – OneWorld

‘Er zijn te weinig lesbische verhalen’ – OneWorld

‘De UvA moet meer doen tegen seksuele intimidatie op de universiteit’ – Folia

‘Ted Bundy is een vrouwenhater, niets meer’ – Het Parool

‘Door Weinstein’s rechtszaak weet ik weer waarom ik geen aangifte doe’ – OneWorld